Somewhere to Go, Something to Do.

beaches-of-cartagena-colombia  scotland5  mexico-city-dios-paper-mache img_1347

Some have the time, but not the money. Others have the money, but not the time. And many more of us have very little of either. But we have a little of both. And for us, travel is everything! Seeing the world is our Raison D’être. We understand why people would spend 50,000 and six months just to sit on top of Mt. Everest for two minutes. We know why people go all the way to see the Mona Lisa in Paris even though we’ve seen it in magazines and college dorm walls.

For some of us, standing at the Taj Mahal or admiring the pyramids is more impressive than a fleet of cars or a house in the hills (well that and we know we won’t ever afford those things). Our dream is to witness the Northern Lights, attend the Dakar motor rally, and make a snowman in Antarctica.

We are here to prove you can see the world for less than you think, with a little practice and a developed skill. More than that, We want to help you hone that skill and create the space to go. Your dreams may be quixotic, but they are your dreams. Go there, now!

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