Getting Wrinkles Out Without the Iron

I just landed, I’m exhausted, and I all I want to do is turn the air conditioner down to -20 degrees, climb under the sheets, blankets, and whatever is oddly folded at the bottom of the bed. I don’t even want to unpack. But, there’s a button shirt that needs to be ironed and I don’t want to do it in the morning either. Problem solved.

Drip ironing is the simple art of soaking your shirt in water, carefully draping over a broad shoulder hanger, and letting it drip dry in the bathroom overnight. Click here for a video demonstration. Ironing is nothing more than speeding up the process of evaporation so a drip dry does the same thing (almost as well). For items that might be in danger of being stretched from the weight of being wet, simply (carefully) lay a thick towel over sloping chair and lay the garment on that. The water will still drip to the bottom (removing creases along the way) but not pull so hard on the fabric as to warp it.

Obviously, the best thing to do is take the time to fill the iron with water, break out the board, and knock the wrinkles out. The next best thing is to use one of those fancy steamers sometimes found in the higher end hotels. But when there’s nothing else, drip dry and get near same results. Cotton skirts, shirts, and most light weight clothes will look 10 times better in the morning. As an extra kicker, keep it in the bathroom with you, hanging on the towel rack while you shower as a final touch up. It’ll freshen up the shirt and make you look a little more put together. Even on vacation, you want to look your best!

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