Why I love Skyscanner.com

How are there so many online booking websites? And which one is the best? Well, the answer to which one is the best, depends on the flight or the hotel. So I guess that’s why there are so many competing sites. Priceline.com, Travelocity.com, Kayak.com are all a little like phone carriers. They all claim to be the best in their own weird little way, and sometimes they are. Takeaway of this lesson is to check them all.

But one stands out for me at the moment (skyscanner.com). Endlessly I preach flexibility and skyscanner does the very best job of it. From what I can tell, they are the only website that let’s you simply put in your departure city and leave the destination city wide open! Just as importantly, you can be incredibly vague about when you want to go (this weekend, this month, or any month ever).

Since the price to any destination can vary wildly (hundreds of dollars) give or take a day or more, skyscanner helps me find the absolute rock bottom price on a destination I wasn’t even thinking about (but always wanted to go to). Because… I want to go everywhere!

I always wanted to go to New Delhi, India, but I didn’t know there was a $380 ticket out there from anywhere outside of India, let alone San Francisco. We’re talking about 6,700 miles! Not to be a numbers geek about this, but seriously that’s 17 miles per dollar! I don’t know if  a Toyota Prius gets that kind of mileage!

Just today I found a flight to Belgrade for $150 (from New York) IF you leave on two particular days in Septmeber. Sadly any other days kicks the price up to about $475 (still not too shabby). Similarly, I found tickets to Norway, Iceland, and Colombia for $350 or less out of BWI (Baltimore).  All major airport hubs offer similarly amazing opportunities and skyscanner makes it so easy to see what’s really available.

With a little investigation you might even discover going to Tokyo is pretty cheap if you leave on the 7th and return on the 15th, it drops by about $100 if you go next month! And this is when the long term day dreaming comes into play. What I really love about skyscanner is they help make those day dreams a little more real. Now that you have the cheapest ticket to a place you dream about, you might be a little more motivated to save up and materialize that into reality. Good luck and Good Travels!

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