Getting Mugged (It happens)

Maybe it hasn’t happened yet. If your lucky, it’ll never happen. However, if you are one that walks off the beaten trail, into the tall grass, you need to be aware of ticks. When you travel, you are vulnerable. Unfamiliar alleys, weak language skills, and missing the last bus home all support this claim. Of course, nobody is looking for trouble, but sometimes trouble found you and it can be very scary. More often than not, the guy who wants your wallet doesn’t actually want to hurt you. He’d prefer it if you just handed over your money and you can both be on your way. He has all the advantages from knowing the surroundings to probably having a buddy or two within a whistle’s distance.

As sincerely as I can say this, don’t break out your judo skills. Even if you win the fight, you’ll be banged up, bruised and now your trip has taken an ugly turn. I’ve even seen it where the police get involved and somehow blame the victim (bad just got worse).

A very simple trick to employ is the decoy wallet. I often carry my money and emergency cards (better than money) in a pocket sewn on the inside of my clothes. I fold it carefully so it doesn’t create a bulge in my clothes. I also carry a cheap wallet with 5 or 10 dollars, some old receipts (of no identifiable importance) and little else. If approached and it seems clear I’m giving something up, without my consent, I pull out the fake wallet, throw it on the ground and run away. The assailant won’t give chase if the goods are a few feet away. By the time they picked it up, inspected it and (even suspect I had more) I’ve put some distance between us. Yell for help and odds are pretty good the mugger won’t risk another interaction. Does this really work? It did for me… twice.

Stay Safe and Good Travels!

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