Life in a Bag (Briggs & Riley)

Picking the right piece of luggage might be more important than what you put in it. After all, if you don’t pick the right bag, you might not get what you absolutely need in it (crazy logic, but it makes sense). You need to consider the size, the material (soft or hard) and even color. Yes, even the color should be taken into consideration. If your traveling to a country where sticking out might not be in your best interest, a multi-colored suitcase may bring unwanted attention straight out of the airport.

When I was younger, my go-to choice was a good old army duffel bag. If you pack it correctly, you can collapse it or expand it to take weeks worth of goods. It’s reliable, sturdy and simple (not too much will really break). Most of all, it’s easily identifiable and easy to replace. I just loved it whether I was going to London or Mongolia.

But times change and eventually I had different needs. When they started charging for bags and my trips weren’t always for months at a time, the old army duffel bag started to make less sense. I started longing for a couple of wheels to help ease the load as I was dashing from Terminal A to Terminal… shoot where am I going? Most of all, the contents started to change. As I got older, I needed more button shirts and fewer t-shirts. I was concerned about wrinkles and my dress shoes for the night I would give my best man speech. So Alas, I said goodbye to my old friend and went shopping for a new piece of luggage.

The Day I met Briggs and Riley

Briggs& turned out to be the solution for me. The list of what I love about their lineup can be found in other companies but not the complete list. Many bags are aesthetically pleasing and are made with quality materials. Be careful though, as some can be overpriced and deceptively poor in quality. Its fairly ironic that we all seem to mistake each others luggage for our own when they’re coming off the airport belt, when in fact they are so very different at the stitching level.

The most important thing Briggs&Riley offers that nobody else does: Life time guarantee! You do not need to keep the receipt, just bring it in for the easy stuff or ship it off for the major issues. This includes broken zippers, bags, damaged wheels etc. I’m not concerned with the cosmetic (and the guarantee doesn’t cover that) but considering their bags are not inexpensive, it’s a true investment for the lifelong traveler and a great one at that.

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 2.40.10 PM
No hassle guarantee! The luggage that may outlast you!


As a company, Briggs&Riley is actively in touch with the airline industry and consistently insuring their size dimensions are in accordance with things like carry on length/ width/ height requirements. Their interior designs are thoughtful and purposeful. My carry on suitcase has a specific side slip for my dress shoes and an intelligent way to compartmentalize my dress shirts and suit to reduce wrinkles.

I have stood in many lines, watching as the flight attendant eyes the various bags, searching for the law breaker (not carry on size). Every single time, I have stood with confidence knowing my bag will fit in the overhead. And that’s important when I have my laptop, my nice camera, and the semi-fragile souvenirs I’ve brought back.

Briggs&Riley luggage is intended more for the business traveler and the vacation settings. It may not be the best thing for hiking across Patagonia. But, as I get older I’m not climbing as many stairs. I’m taking the elevator and Briggs&Riley has made the journey that much smoother for me.

Choose wisely and Good Travels!

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