How Well do You Travel? (oh… yeah….)

I’ve been to roughly 40 countries on 5 continents. I have moved by every conceivable mode of travel including hot air balloon, submarine, and lawnmower (that’s right… lawnmower). Still, I always learn a little tip, I’m shocked I never thought of before. Here are a handful of “oh yeah…” tips that I try to follow every time I head out on the road. The Hotel Key. We all know we should handle the hotel key carefully as it can easily lose it’s use when demagnetized by things like our phone. But don’t carry it in the pouch the hotel provides. Why? Because that pouch … Continue reading How Well do You Travel? (oh… yeah….)

Getting Mugged (It happens)

Maybe it hasn’t happened yet. If your lucky, it’ll never happen. However, if you are one that walks off the beaten trail, into the tall grass, you need to be aware of ticks. When you travel, you are vulnerable. Unfamiliar alleys, weak language skills, and missing the last bus home all support this claim. Of course, nobody is looking for trouble, but sometimes trouble found you and it can be very scary. More often than not, the guy who wants your wallet doesn’t actually want to hurt you. He’d prefer it if you just handed over your money and you … Continue reading Getting Mugged (It happens)

Smart Way to Earn Air and Hotel Points

To a guerilla traveler, airfare and hotel points aren’t like magic unicorns. They are very real and very important. Every point counts and we will dive into piranha infested waters to pick one up, if it was at the bottom. Some of us will do it, just to say we did it (please don’t). So how do we find them, earn them, borrow them… steal them? There are four basic ways and they all revolve around Loyalty (my 2nd favorite travel word, behind flexibility). Get a credit card that maximizes rewards points but don’t forget to pay off your tab … Continue reading Smart Way to Earn Air and Hotel Points

Getting Wrinkles Out Without the Iron

I just landed, I’m exhausted, and I all I want to do is turn the air conditioner down to -20 degrees, climb under the sheets, blankets, and whatever is oddly folded at the bottom of the bed. I don’t even want to unpack. But, there’s a button shirt that needs to be ironed and I don’t want to do it in the morning either. Problem solved. Drip ironing is the simple art of soaking your shirt in water, carefully draping over a broad shoulder hanger, and letting it drip dry in the bathroom overnight. Click here for a video demonstration. … Continue reading Getting Wrinkles Out Without the Iron

How to Avoid Baggage Fees and Pack Tight (The Ranger Roll)

At one time, you could pack your suitcase with half your house and it would be waiting for you on the other end of your flight for free. You could bring a huge bottle of water from home and expect a free meal on the flight. Of course things have changed. Now your clothes are treated like a +1 guest and they need their own ticket. Six ounces of water won’t make it passed security and the meals are now for purchase. Sometimes I wonder when they are going to charge to use the bathroom on the flight. Don’t give … Continue reading How to Avoid Baggage Fees and Pack Tight (The Ranger Roll)