(Schrödinger’s cat also flies)

I know, I know… you’ve figured out that ideally you need to buy a ticket 6 months (or is it 6 weeks) in advance. You also know that Monday is apparently the sweet spot day to depart or return (or was it Wednesday)… And you know what the shoulder seasons are? Are you sure? Does it depend on destination, airline, airport, current event, and some unknown factor that the airlines have arbitrarily factored in? Yes… yes it does. Stay with me on this: countless articles trying to help you buy tickets cheaper will swear by rules and concepts that become … Continue reading (Schrödinger’s cat also flies)

Life in a Bag (Briggs & Riley)

Picking the right piece of luggage might be more important than what you put in it. After all, if you don’t pick the right bag, you might not get what you absolutely need in it (crazy logic, but it makes sense). You need to consider the size, the material (soft or hard) and even color. Yes, even the color should be taken into consideration. If your traveling to a country where sticking out might not be in your best interest, a multi-colored suitcase may bring unwanted attention straight out of the airport. When I was younger, my go-to choice was a good old army duffel bag. … Continue reading Life in a Bag (Briggs & Riley)

When Pulls ($99) Ahead!

Every travel search engine allows you to create an account offering you deals not normally posted and making notifications that much easier. Sometimes I think, “what’s the point?” If they are all basically the same, signing up for one is like signing up for all. And since they’re all just scanning the airlines the same way (more or less) why bother. But this really ins’t the mindset of a true guerrilla traveler. Case in point: $99 (one way) fares to Stockholm! Although this deal isn’t exclusive to Expedia (it’s really being offered through WoW airlines) was the first to let me … Continue reading When Pulls ($99) Ahead!